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The ultimate two episodes had been aired back-to-again as a two-hour finale, including a cast interview with Scoop (東張西望). It is important to note, PRODx’s companions’ mental property and confidential data remain strictly confidential at all times and usually are not shared with PRODx. Paperless Parts, with its ITAR-compliant Paperless QuotingTM product, brings to bear on the problem the most superior geometry engine, easy-to-use pricing tools, and a modern customer expertise platform.

The awards embrace Best Drama, Best Actress , Best Actor , Best Supporting Actress , My Favourite Male Character and Most Improved Male Artiste (Ngo Ka-nin). An indirect sequel, No Regrets, was released as TVB’s grand manufacturing in 2010. ) is a 2009 Hong Kong interval television drama produced by Lee Tim-sing and TVB. Comprising of 25 episodes, it initially aired on the Jade network from 27 April to 29 May 2009.

Twenty years later, Po-kei reunites with the rich rice merchant Chiang Kiu at his manor in Wuxi, whom she was betrothed to before the catastrophe. Chiang Kiu’s spouse, Yan Fung-yee recognizes Po-kei and reveals her identity to Prince Wai, who was there for a visit. Kiu manages to persuade the Prince to free her, and marries Po-kei as his fourth wife. Appreciating Po-kei’s knowledge and persistence, he entrusts the enterprise to her, with the rationale that his eldest son, Bit-man (Ngo Ka-nin), just isn’t but able to succeed him. Hungry for energy and keen to keep custom, Fung-yee attempts to strip Po-kei from energy but Po-kei … Read More