Easy Ways to Start Stock Investing for Beginners

Easy Ways to Start Stock Investing for Beginners

Investment in the form of shares has now become commonplace for the community, including young people. For beginners starting this investment is not difficult because buying shares can now be done online. Most people buy stocks with the aim of getting a better life in the future by investing. Moreover, stock investments can be used both short and long term.

Even though it promises large returns or returns, stock investments also have the highest risk compared to other capital market investments.
Therefore, it is very important for someone to be observant in choosing the shares to buy. Because, not a few of the investors who experience failure because they do not pay attention to how to buy the right shares.
But for those of you who want to buy shares, don’t worry, because has written the following procedures for buying shares for beginners.

Define a Securities Company

Before buying shares, you need to determine the securities company that will be used. The securities company acts as an intermediary in buying and selling shares and will assist in opening a stock account on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).
How to select a securities company can be done by choosing a securities company that has been registered on the IDX. In addition, make sure that the balance replenishment and withdrawal process is easy.

Opening a Customer Fund Account

The next way to buy shares is to open an RDN or customer fund account. Opening an RDN on behalf of an investor will be assisted by the securities company you have chosen.
Now, RDN registration can be done online by preparing requirements such as a front page identity card or passbook cover, then filling out the available form.

Choose the shares to buy

Once RDN is available, you also need to activate an account in the securities’ trading application. The trading application serves as a tool for buying and selling transactions or a stock market information center.
If you have done all the steps above, you can choose the shares to buy. This step is the most important thing because it will determine the amount of your investment going forward.
Before choosing a stock, you can look at factors such as the company’s performance and the future prospects of their product. If you have difficulty, you can ask for input from the securities company of your choice.
If you have determined the shares to be purchased, you can buy shares through a broker or buy your own through an online stock trading application. Generally, a good securities company already has its own trading system that can be downloaded on the cellphone.

Do Market Monitoring

Stock prices in the market are strongly influenced by various factors such as economic conditions, politics, security and several other factors.
Therefore, it is important for you to monitor stocks regularly. From the monitoring results, you will know the ups and downs of stock prices, from here you can find out when is the right time to buy or sell shares so that you can make a profit.