8 Ways to increase sales for restaurant and cafe owners during COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the pace of business across the globe. The government has implemented a strategy to slow the spread of the virus, which has led countries to start implementing social isolation as a necessary solution.

In Asian, European and American countries, non-essential service business units are restricted or completely closed. The F&B business is no exception. This partly disrupts consumer habits, when they turn to restaurants or cafes as meeting places. Now they have to cook for themselves at home, or buy in the midst of a complicated disease situation.

In fact, if restaurant and cafe owners can see a new direction in the midst of a crisis, it is very important. This is a great business opportunity to move into an online environment and tackle a different market segment. Here are 8 ways restaurant owners are increasing sales amidst the COVID-19 situation:

1. Make sure you cooperate with the delivery platform

In the US, food delivery platforms such as UberEats, grocery store WMT, and other popular UberEats clone apps have reported increased user engagement when people are stranded inside their homes. This trend is also happening in other parts of the world. Delivery service is definitely an integral part of the life of modern people, who want to save time & effort in preparing their own food. And it is definitely a great business opportunity for all bistros, cafes and restaurants.

Delivery platform cooperation

How to take full advantage of this opportunity? In the Southeast Asian market, there … Read More

5 Steps to Starting a Successful E-Commerce Business

Now the steps to start an e-commerce business are starting to be sought by many people. How not, this business is very potential. In addition to its population of 260 million, public consumption on average increased by 5.4{4c523fdf8a8f1715b49154eeb3b6b880de784aed2c8e49514b2aceecb369a97e} per year.

There are so many Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises that can supply this business. Not to mention, almost half of the population uses internet access.

If you are keen on seeing opportunities in your e-commerce business and are planning to start one, be sure to follow these steps:

1. Choose the Products to Sell

Start looking for product ideas to sell. Think about where and how to get the product. Will you make your own, pick up from a supplier, or sell as a reseller? Also, think about where you will store the item. Then, test whether the product is worth selling or not. You need to do this due diligence even if it’s only on a small scale. For example, ask relatives or do a survey by giving examples of products.

2. Research and Preparation

Once you’ve got your product, assessed its resale potential, and found a supplier for that product, you’re ready to create a business plan. Previously, do research on competitors and innovate to make your product different. Make sure the quality of your product is also superior to increase the perceived value of buyers. The business plan will be a map that helps the course of thought and action. Business design is also important to know … Read More

Easy Ways to Start Stock Investing for Beginners

Investment in the form of shares has now become commonplace for the community, including young people. For beginners starting this investment is not difficult because buying shares can now be done online. Most people buy stocks with the aim of getting a better life in the future by investing. Moreover, stock investments can be used both short and long term.

Even though it promises large returns or returns, stock investments also have the highest risk compared to other capital market investments.
Therefore, it is very important for someone to be observant in choosing the shares to buy. Because, not a few of the investors who experience failure because they do not pay attention to how to buy the right shares.
But for those of you who want to buy shares, don’t worry, because has written the following procedures for buying shares for beginners.

Define a Securities Company

Before buying shares, you need to determine the securities company that will be used. The securities company acts as an intermediary in buying and selling shares and will assist in opening a stock account on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).
How to select a securities company can be done by choosing a securities company that has been registered on the IDX. In addition, make sure that the balance replenishment and withdrawal process is easy.

Opening a Customer Fund Account

The next way to buy shares is to open an RDN or customer fund account. Opening an RDN on behalf of an investor will … Read More

F W. Taylor’s Principles Of Scientific Administration

management principles

People then get pleasure from working in the organization & supply their finest in the direction of the organization. The Santa Cruz Guitar Co. practiced quality administration and Deming’s 14 factors–earlier than they have been aware of the rules. Individuals are empowered to make their very own quality decisions, timely responses to questions result in customer satisfaction, and workers are actively encouraged to boost their expertise.

management principles

Taylor was an American manufacturing supervisor, mechanical engineer, after which a management advisor in his later years. Ever been in a scenario the place you Mom asks you to do something and Dad says something else. Well it’s a problematic pickle and the identical would exist in a enterprise if not for this precept. This precept states that a subordinate ought to only be reporting to and getting orders from one superior at a time. That is to say, a manufacturing unit worker should not be getting orders from all managers from gross sales to advertising, however should solely be getting commands from a manufacturing supervisor or somebody in production immediately above him. The worker is obliged to comply with the production aspect managers or . He additionally cautioned in opposition to the more use of Britain communication to the subordinates i.e. nose to nose communication should be developed.

The secondary—and extra bold—problem is to optimize the allocation of needed inputs and combine them to fulfill pre-defined aims. Henry Fayol, also known as the ‘father of modern administration theory’ gave a new notion of … Read More

The Way To Earn Cash On-line With Out Paying Something

make money online

One of the more conventional, but still profitable strategies is promoting inventory pictures and inventory video content online on a web site like Shutterstock. Coding jobs are rising 50{4c523fdf8a8f1715b49154eeb3b6b880de784aed2c8e49514b2aceecb369a97e} quicker than the market total. Whether you went to high school for it, or are self-taught, you can begin coding apps, chatbots, or even Alexa expertise. Have you at all times wished to write a guide or brief story? Now, with Amazon KDP , you can easily publish your work and begin promoting it on Amazon. Hugh Howey, a self-printed author who’s received awards, made it into the #1 spot on bestseller lists and is now having considered one of his books made into a film.

Instead, you obtain shares with the hope to get a dividend out of future earnings. Or you might be ready for the corporate to reach larger heights so that you can then unload your shares at a higher price. If so, it could be time to start a membership website. Becoming a contract mobile app developer will assist you to make regular money, given that you’re good at what you do. In this case, you should know the way you will cash in on your app and not expect to make much cash in your first yr. Before we begin, let’s see how many apps are there on the web at current.

make money online

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Personalized Training Grant Program

business training

My Skills is the national listing of vocational schooling and coaching organisations and programs. This Australian Government initiative helps you to seek for, and compare, VET courses and coaching suppliers. VET examine permits for partial qualifications, short programs, talent units and items of competency, and offers training in particular skills. This is a listing of management, mentoring and leadership courses which are offered by government or through non-public registered education and training suppliers. A variety of programs and packages can be found in Queensland to develop and strengthen your management and leadership expertise. For specialisation in Evaluations, four elective units have to be chosen from Group I. Partner with 360training, a pacesetter in online worker coaching and improvement for small to medium-sized companies and enterprise companies.

business training

Elective items should be relevant to the work surroundings and the qualification, maintain the integrity of the AQF alignment and contribute to a legitimate, trade-supported vocational consequence. For over 4 decades, Guthrie-Jensen has serviced over 20,000 consumer firms, helping them achieve greater growth, competitiveness and profitability. With over 120 training applications, Guthrie-Jensen is the top coaching provider in the Philippines – and one of the best in Southeast Asia. Join a comprehensive online eCommerce training program, designed to equip Victorian exporters to succeed in web shoppers and navigate Japanese eCommerce platforms. The process is repeated every 2 to 4 weeks until all core leadership skills are developed. On the job, utilizing private action plans, supervisors apply their new skills to workplace challenges.

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